This Week in the Workforce – Roundup, 20 Nov 2015

In The Media

Sadly, after having had no fatalities in Victoria since March, four Victorian workers have lost their lives in November. Two men were killed in the same day in seperate workplace accidents, another man died in an explosion in a trench at Harkaway and an elderly man was electrocuted while working on a property near Geelong.

In case you missed it last week, WorkSafe and the 5 insurers that manage the claims here will be investigated by the Victoria Ombudsman admit concerns they have unfairly rejected claim. This could be the most significant investigation since the 2011 investigation into record keeping failures by Victorian agents. The review has the potential to result in policy changes that may have significant impact on employers, industry and injured worker entitlements.

Articles of Interest

A recent study found that machines are better than humans at hiring the best employees in low skill jobs. An automated algorithm was able to recommend employees based on answers to a pre-employment test. The employees rated as high potential stuck around on average 12 days longer than the employees rated as average potential and 17 days longer than those with the lowest rating.

Google has found that the most successful teams have 5 traits in common. Every team needs to ask itself, “Do we fundamentally believe that what we’re doing matters?”

It pays to be humble at work because another study has shown that feeling like you’re an expert can make you close minded.