21 Essential Resources for the Modern RTW Pro

If you’ve chosen a career in Return To Work then you’re committed to developing yourself and your systems to be ever more efficient, compliant and successful.

Any tool that makes your job easier or lowers your stress levels is an absolute bonus.

Here are the top 21 tools for the modern RTW Pro according to me and the listeners of RTW Nation.

What tools make your job easier in RTW? Let me know in the comments.


In RTW you’re going to have sensitive discussions. Whether you’re counselling a worker or having a discussion with a manager, these are often private matters.

There are risks with having these conversations in public. If your coworkers hear half a conversation it could create a misunderstanding and loss of faith.

So find an office or a meeting room and shut the door.

Additionally, injury management files are sensitive documents.

At the end of every day RTW Pros should tidy your desk and lock case files away.

Resource #1: A Door

Resource #2: A Lock


Injured workers don’t always know how to be injured. You should know how to do RTW.

Think about a time when you went shopping and received outstanding customer service. The sales assistant probably took personal interest and customised the experience for you. However, when it came time to pay, they guided you through their process.

It’s OK to advise of your process and next steps. A clear process builds trust and confidence.

Develop a process specific to your business and document it internally.

QuickClaim and iinsight are paid third party software options that also include a case management system.

Resource #3: Your own RTW Process

Resource #4: QuickClaim

Resource #5: iinsight

Task Management

A real RTW Pro gets a lot done.

Wunderlist is my favourite app for simple and sync-able task management. Trello steps it up a notch and gets better for recurring tasks. If you collaborate with others consider Slack which includes chat channels.

Resource #6: Wunderlist

Resource #7: Trello

Resource #8: Slack

Technical Info

Australia has 11 main compensation jurisdictions despite only having 8 states and territories. This is a common story around the world.

The Comparison of Workers Compensation Arrangements in Australia & New Zealand by Safe Work Australia is one of the best technical documents you can get. Even if you only work in one jurisdiction this document is SO helpful.

Page 14 also has direct links to every jurisdiction’s legislation.

For Victorians there is the VWA Online Claims Manual. This is mainly for case managers at insurers but shows you their processes and has many technical answers you’re looking for.

New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation has valuable resources that can potentially be applied anywhere. Check out their publications page for articles on injury treatment, safety and RTW.

Resource #9: Comparison of Workers Compensation Arrangements in Australia & New Zealand

Resource #10: VWA Online Claims Manual (Victoria only)

Resource #11: New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation

Educational Info

You want some resources that will grow your career, right?

I hope I’m doing my bit to help by publishing this blog, RTW Nation and my YouTube channel.

The Institute for Safety Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR) is a research collaboration between WorkSafe Victoria, The Transport Accident Commission and Monash University. Despite being Victorian, their papers are often relevant to any jurisdiction. And most of them are free.

Return To Work Matters is a popular paid subscription site with articles, webinars and other resources.

The Personal Injury Education Foundation is well known for their academic qualifications for those in RTW. They also offer short courses and webinars at a modest cost.

Resource #12: Mark Stipic’s blog & newsletter

Resource #13: RTW Nation the podcast

Resource #14: Mark Stipic’s YouTube Channel

Resource #15: The Institute for Safety Compensation & Recovery Research (ISCRR)

Resource #16: Return To Work Matters

Resource #17: The Personal Injury Education Foundation


A platform is your way of being heard. Have a listen to my interview with Shane Purnell to really dive into this topic.

RTW Pros should be broadcasting your unique message to your relevant audience. If you’re a RTW Coordinator at an employer you should create or contribute to an internal newsletter, perhaps once a month. Get people engaged in RTW.

To do this you must create engaging content. This isn’t as hard as you think.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create an infographic or flowchart using Piktochart just like I did
  • Create an attractive image with a relevant quote or statistic using Canva
  • Write an article telling a success story for your company’s newsletter. Include a picture of yourself and maybe the worker. I haven’t used it but Lucidpress offers beautiful newsletter templates and it’s free for the basic features
  • Need some beautiful photos to make this content even more engaging? Here is a list of 14 free stock photo sites with gorgeous options. My favourite free site is Unsplash

Resource #18: Piktochart

Resource #19: Canva

Resource #20: Lucidpress

Resource #21: Free stock photography

Did I miss any? What’s your go-to resource?

  • 26 June 2016