Do you want to reduce your injuries, claims and WorkCover premiums?

This book will show you how

WorkCover that Works is an easy-to-understand guide for employers on how your WorkCover premium is calculated, how the system really works, and how claims can affect you. 

While making specific reference to the WorkCover scheme and legislation in Victoria, it provides a basis for the successful management of work-related injury across Australia.

This book shows you how to:

  • pay the lowest possible WorkCover premium 
  • prevent injury claims
  • craft claims strategies that achieve the desired outcomes
  • create a culture where workers collaborate on safety and want to get back to work after injury.

This easy-to-read, educational toolkit is a must-have for any employer.

Chris Schreurs

Schreurs & Sons

Mark is the person who can show you how to effectively manage the risks and help build a “people first” culture.

Philip Coombs

Business coach at ProfitHQ

This book will enable you to plan and decide what is best for you, your business and your people.

Rae Bonney

Mental Health Specialist

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