You don't want to pay more for WorkCover insurance than you need to, do you?

And you definitely don't want to deal with the catastrophic cost and consequences of a WorkCover claim...

That's where we come in.

I meet with CEOs, CFOs and accountants every day. They tell me they want to pay the correct WorkCover premium and no more.

Our clients experience reduced injuries, claims and premiums. They attain greater ownership of their WorkCover outcomes rather than being led by the system and just hoping for the best.

Some of our work is even performed on a success-fee basis, meaning that if we can't save you money then our work is free. There's really nothing to lose and everything to gain from booking your free consultation today.

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We help you get your WorkCover into its best possible shape

Let's start saving your company's time and money...

New WorkCover policy setup

If you are a new employer, we help you get your policy set up correctly right from the start

Resolution of complex claims

Whether it's a new and difficult claim or a longstanding injured worker still affecting your company, you need these issues dealt with and we'll get you there

Injury and claim prevention

Our industry experience and strategies bring the tools to prevent and challenge even the toughest or most fraudulent of claims

Industry classification review

Many employers have never reviewed their WorkCover industry classification since the policy started many years ago. If we can get you a lower rate, we'll make sure it's backdated so you get a refund

Premium reduction

Our team are premium specialists and the best in the industry. We know the rules and regulations better than anyone and can use that knowledge to ensure your premium is both correct and as low as possible. In fact, if we can't save you money, often our work is free

Management training

Our workshops, delivered live or via videoconference, equip your managers with the appropriate knowledge to ensure their actions and behaviours support your company's risk management goals

Compensation recovery

If you've ever had a claim, chances are you paid your employee what they were entitled to. But chances are also that some of the company's reimbursements got lost in the system. We'll find your missing reimbursements and get it paid to you, even going back many years

Premium disputes

Raising a dispute with WorkSafe or defending a penalty is daunting for employers. But we know the rules, we bring the expertise, and we understand how businesses work. We'll go shoulder-to-shoulder with you in any matter, all the way to the minister if necessary

Disputed claims

When a questionable new claim arrives, you have one chance to dispute it and get it rejected.  We identify all possible technical grounds for the dispute and work with you to build a case that leads to the correct decision on the claim

Mark is very experienced at managing WorkCover. He helped us keep our claims and premium under control in a tough manufacturing environment with a strong union presence and difficult employees. Mark helped us to adopt a ‘self-insurance’ approach to injury management giving us more management control and significant cost savings.

Mel Wynne
RTW/Payroll Officer

The best thing about working with Mark is always having someone to call and knowing there is a strategy to manage any WorkCover case. Mark delivered training to our managers, improving their skills and knowledge to support the company’s goal of reducing injuries.

Patricia Moore
OHS/RTW Coordinator

Are you ready to bring your WorkCover premiums down, bring your claims to closure and stop wasting time and money?

Let's book your free consultation where we'll answer your questions and map out a strategy to get you on top of your WorkCover challenges. There is no cost and no obligation so you literally have nothing to lose.

You might have one problem case or a company-wide claims culture. Perhaps you're just interested to see if there's a way you could save some money off your premiums. No matter what challenge or question you have, if you’re committed to finding a solution, we’ll make it happen.

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