It’s certainly been a big week if you work at Channel 9. The 60 Minutes team was released yesterday amid all sorts of sensational and questionable events.

The whole saga is a mess of moral issues. What questions has it brought to your mind?

For me, the issue that has persisted with me is the employee/employer relationship here and who should ultimately have the responsibility (or courage) to say no. Because I think, with the number of people involved in the decision-making process, someone should have veto’d this along the way.

As an employee it’s important to know where to draw the line with your personal moral compass. It takes courage to stand up to your employer and say “this is not cool”.

Perhaps the news crew involved here wasn’t pressured into it. Perhaps this was the story of the year and they were itching to cover it. Well then, perhaps Channel 9 had an obligation to put the safety of their employees ahead of profits.

Is this something that could (or should) prompt an investigation by the safety regulator? Channel 9 has failed to provide a safe work environment.

A reminder that next Thursday 28 April is International Day of Mourning, also known as International Workers’ Memorial Day. We talked about this in recent episodes of my podcast here and here. My guest Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson will be unveiling the Deceased Workers’ memorial Wall at 12:30PM at the Deceased Workers’ Memorial Forest in North Adelaide, South Australia.

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